The Power of LinkedIn: Using It to Find Top Texas Talent!

The Power of LinkedIn: Using It to Find Top Talent! | Staffing Texas

Using LinkedIn is an effective method to find top talent. Since most professionals use the platform, you can access a range of active and passive candidates who may be open to new opportunities.

The search functions on LinkedIn help you locate the talent you need to fill your job openings. Having your employees share your job postings further helps fill your vacancies with top talent.

Implement these tips to use LinkedIn to find top talent.

Maintain Your Company Profile

Help your company’s LinkedIn profile show up in candidate search results:

  • Include current company information and relevant keywords.
  • Mention your company’s job titles, products or services, areas of expertise, and geographic locations.
  • Share employee profiles, current job postings, and the fact that you are hiring.
  • Encourage talent to connect with your organization, apply for jobs, and stay current on your company’s news.

Be an Employer of Choice

Clarify why your employees enjoy working for your organization:

  • Share what makes your company stand out from the rest.
  • Showcase the benefits your employees receive.
  • Detail opportunities for advancement.
  • Highlight employee testimonials about diversity, equity, inclusion, company culture, job satisfaction, and growth and development.
  • Include statistics that indicate the positive aspects of working for your organization.

Use Keywords to Find Talent

Search by keywords such as job title and location to find active and passive candidates. Next, filter your results with additional keywords such as education level or the name of a respected company in your industry. Then, use InMail to reach out to the best talent and begin building relationships.

Access the People Also Viewed Feature

LinkedIn’s People Also Viewed feature lists professionals whose profiles you viewed and who viewed your company’s profile. You may be able to find top talent by using this feature.

Encourage Employee Networking

Ask your employees to share your company news and job openings with their networks. Widening your reach lets you interact with more candidates who may want to change jobs.

Employee referrals typically fit with the company culture, understand the job duties and responsibilities, and have the qualifications for success in the role. As a result, referrals tend to experience strong job satisfaction and remain with the company long-term.

Use Job Title Hashtags

Include relevant hashtags in your company profile, LinkedIn content, and job postings. Also, search for hashtags relevant to your open roles and candidate information. These actions help talent find you, and you find them.

Encourage your employees to use relevant hashtags when sharing job postings or commenting on content. These hashtags increase your company’s searchability to promote connections with talent.

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