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Staffing Texas has earned a reputation as one of the leading staffing agencies in Conroe, TX for service and results. Our goal is to help local job seekers and businesses achieve their goals. By comparing the skills and experience of our well-vetted candidates with the requirements our clients provide, we’re able to create the ideal match. We then go a step beyond by understanding the work environment, management style and corporate culture to ensure the candidate and the company are both satisfied with the pairing.

When you’re ready to hire or find your next job, our employment agency in Conroe is here to help. Get in touch with our team of experts today.

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If you’re struggling with talent shortages or need to hire for a strategic full-time position, our recruiting experts in Conroe are in your corner. Choose from a range of services designed to help solve your toughest business challenges.

Temporary Staffing

Staffing Texas is your resource for short-or long-term talent for Conroe companies. Using temporary staffing services to address skills shortages, specialized talent needs, and demand fluctuations is typically the most cost-effective and efficient solution.


Assess a Staffing Texas employee at your Conroe company before making a hiring decision. Temp-to-hire staffing is a great way to see how an individual will perform on the job before extending an employment offer. You and the employee have the opportunity to make an informed decision on moving forward.

Direct Hire Staffing

Staffing Texas can streamline your search for full-time Conroe talent. We handle the sourcing and screening of candidates with our direct hire recruiting services; you choose from the finalists we present for your consideration.

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Our Specialties

At Staffing Texas, we offer talent solutions for a wide variety of positions and industries. Our staffing agency in Conroe, TX provides flexible staffing and recruiting solutions in the following focus areas:

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Looking for a job with flexibility or reaching for the next rung on the career ladder? Staffing Texas can get you on the right track toward your goals. We’ll take the time to understand your background and work experience, job preferences and long-term career goals. Our team is comprised of experts who know the Conroe local job market and the industries and specialties we serve. If you’re ready to take the next step, partner with Staffing Texas, one of the top staffing and temp agencies in Conroe, TX, that can help you achieve your goals.

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