Fill Your Open Manufacturing Jobs

Your operation doesn’t run without the people on the floor who get the job done right. The assemblers and packaging specialists, the machinists and fabricators, the material handlers and expediters—these are the individuals who represent the backbone of your business. That’s why your Texas company needs the very best.

Partnering with Staffing Texas to fill these roles means you’ll gain the ability to hire temporary staff or permanent hires as needed—and you’ll save time and money while doing it.

Our services include:

Temporary Staffing

Fill skill gaps and adapt to changing demand during busy periods or for special projects.


Evaluate an employee’s abilities, work ethic, and cultural fit with your organization before extending a full-time offer.

Direct Hire Staffing

Get qualified candidates screened and recruited for you to save money and time on your talent search.Ready to start filling those crucial manufacturing roles? Turn to Staffing Texas’s talent acquisition experts.

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Team of workers wearing overalls and protective helmets using lathe in order to machine workpiece, interior of spacious production department on background

Professional Mechanical Engineer team Working on Personal Comput

Looking for a Great Manufacturing or Light Industrial Job?

If you’re searching for the right industrial or manufacturing job, enlist the help of a trusted career partner: Staffing Texas. Connecting with one of our recruiters means you get the benefits of a full-service staffing firm with the personalized touch of a small business. That makes your job hunt fast and easy.

Whether you’re interested in exploring temporary roles, full-time positions, or something in between, we can help. Contact our manufacturing employment agency to get started on your job search.

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The Roles We Fill

Some of the manufacturing and light industrial roles we fill include:

  • Assembler
  • Quality Control
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Fabricator
  • General Laborer
  • Material Handler
  • Machine Operator
  • Shop Helpers
Warehouse manager smiling standing in warehouse wearing white helmet and orange safety vest

Get Started With Staffing Texas

If you’re in search of a job or you need to find qualified personnel for these essential roles, our manufacturing staffing agency is here for you. Find a job or start your talent search with Staffing Texas.

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