Tips for Attracting Top Talent in Texas

Tips for Attracting Top Talent in Texas | Staffing Texas

Like most employers, you may struggle to find top talent during The Great Resignation. Millions of positions are opening up as employees find roles that better fit their goals and interests.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to add the best talent to your workforce. The following suggestions may help.

Implement these tips to attract qualified talent to your Texas company.

Showcase Your Employer Brand

Demonstrate why employees enjoy working for your company. This may include sharing on your website and social media employee photos, videos, testimonials, and feedback. It also might involve mentioning in your job postings the salary range, benefits package, and opportunities for training, development, and advancement.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Clarify in your website, social media, and job postings how your company encourages work-life balance. This may include providing a remote or hybrid work environment, flexible schedule, and increased paid time off. It also might involve sharing your company’s policies about not sending emails or making calls between certain hours to encourage disengagement from work.

Offer a Mentorship Program

Highlight how your company matches new hires with seasoned employees for mentorship. This promotes the development of company culture, knowledge, and skills among new employees. It also helps new hires benefit from seasoned employees’ experience, advice, and leadership.

Request Employee Referrals

Ask employees to refer qualified members of their networks. These connections are likely to fit with your company culture and have the qualifications for success in a role. The referrals should perform their best and remain with your company long-term because they know someone who works for you.

Participate in a Job Fair

Meet job seekers through an in-person or virtual job fair. This helps candidates learn more about your open positions and organization. These candidates can interact with hiring managers, ask questions, and learn the advantages of working for your company. This encourages the candidates to apply to your openings.

Provide a Great Candidate Experience

Maintain candidate engagement throughout every step of the hiring process. This includes regularly communicating with candidates about where they are in the interview process, what the next step is, and when to expect to hear back. It also includes effectively onboarding and training new hires and meeting or exceeding expectations. The more desirable your candidate experience, the more word will get around that you are a top employer to work for.

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