How to Choose Between the Top Two Candidates

How to Choose Between the Top Two Candidates | Staffing Texas

When you complete the interview process, background checks, and skills tests, you should know which candidate you want to hire. Even better, you might have two top candidates to choose from.

Of course, you should take the time to determine which candidate truly fits the role and company. However, the longer you wait to make a decision, the more likely the candidates will accept job offers elsewhere.

This is why you must make a hiring decision as quickly as possible. These tips can help.

Follow these guidelines to decide which of your two best candidates to hire.  

Refer to Your Job Posting

Review the job requirements and goals listed in your job posting. These were your top priorities when you began the hiring process.

Focus on which candidate better fits these requirements and can achieve these goals. This might be the candidate to hire.

Emphasize Long-Term Results

Pay attention to what each candidate’s long-term contributions may be. These may be based on the short- and long-term career goals each candidate mentioned during the interview process.

Determine how the position would impact each candidate’s goals. If one candidate’s goals align better with the job-related goals and future of the position, this might be the candidate to hire.

Look for Culture Fit

Review each candidate’s resume to determine the organizations they worked for. Then, see if the companies have a culture similar to yours.

Look for trends that may indicate the type of environment where the candidate is most likely to succeed. For instance, a candidate may have worked for either Fortune 500 companies or small- and mid-sized organizations. If your culture appears similar to the culture of a candidate’s previous employers, this might be the candidate to hire.

Consider Interest Level

Think about which candidate appeared more enthusiastic about working for you. They are likely to perform their best and remain long-term.

Include the number of questions each candidate asked during the interview process and how quickly each candidate followed up to restate their interest in the job. Also, consider which candidate is likely to accept a lower salary or not have a job offer from another company. These factors may influence which candidate you hire.

Make a Decision

Keep in mind that either candidate is a great choice for your organization. However, you need to make a decision as soon as possible to avoid losing them both to competitors.

Consider hiring both candidates if feasible. They can increase the impact on the organization.

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