Is Experience the Most Important Thing? 3 Other Factors to Consider When Hiring

Is Experience the Most Important Thing? 3 Other Factors to Consider When Hiring | Staffing Texas

When hiring employees, relevant experience tends to be important. However, some candidates may not have the experience you are looking for, but would excel in a role.

To hire the best talent, you may want to look beyond experience. The following three areas might be your focus instead.

Consider these three factors when interviewing candidates who lack relevant experience for the role.

1. Potential

Some candidates who lack relevant experience may be well suited for the role. This includes candidates who are willing to learn and grow along with the job.

Pay attention to each candidate’s transferrable skills. For instance, a candidate may lack experience with a certain program but have high-level proficiency with a similar one. This means the candidate should be able to learn the desired program. The concept can be applied to other job responsibilities as well.

2. Soft Skills

Because personality traits can be developed but not taught, they are significantly important for a role. Examples include communication skills, adaptability, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and work ethic.

You can provide training to develop the knowledge and hard skills required for the role. Conversely, you cannot provide training to self-start, self-motivate, or resolve disagreements.

Observe each candidate during an interview to see which soft skills they have. For instance, short breaks and reconnections of eye contact signal an active listener. Also, discussion of the steps to perform a certain assignment show organization.

3. Culture Add

The most successful candidates typically have values that align with your company’s mission, vision, and values. For instance, a candidate who prefers to work from home would fit well if your organization prioritizes work-life balance by offering remote work and a flexible schedule.

Keep in mind that your culture should be fluid to be successful. This means that candidates who do not fit all aspects of your culture may be able to help it move forward. This helps maximize your company’s success.

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