What Skills Texas Companies Should Look for When Rebuilding Post-Pandemic

What Skills Texas Companies Should Look for When Rebuilding Post-Pandemic | Staffing Texas


As businesses continue to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, they must readjust their workforce accordingly. There has been changes in company goals, remote or hybrid work structures, and other parts of organizations. Businesses need to focus on finding talent with new skills to meet new needs. As a result, hiring managers need to change the hard and soft skills they look for when hiring team members.

Here are five skills that Texas businesses should focus on when hiring post-pandemic.


Effectively giving and receiving information has taken on new forms during the pandemic. This is especially important as the use of email and text messages continues to increase. Great communication skills should be a top skill you look for in a candidate. Without visual or auditory cues, such as body language and tone, it can be hard to interpret the intended meaning of written words. Also, when talking virtually, teams need to pay additional attention to their facial expressions, posture, and appearance to ensure they align with their messages.

Technological Proficiency

The ability to use new technology is of utmost importance. With a significant number of employees working remotely, they may not have access to an IT professional for troubleshooting when needed. Staff members also need to master tools such as G Suite, Slack, Asana, and Zoom to facilitate teamwork, communication, and collaboration. The use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data may be required as well.

Problem Solving

Finding solutions and overcoming obstacles are more important now than ever. The start of the pandemic put companies in uncharted territory. When that happened companies had to adapt with strategic solutions. Fast support from all areas of the organization was needed to keep the businesses running. Staff who took on any type of leadership role had to adjust to a fast-paced environment. They also had to think like owners and focus on what was in the best interest of the company.

Data Literacy

A clear understanding of company data is key to keeping businesses going. Interpreting what organizations need, how to implement it, and how to measure success are required to move forward. Knowing how to properly collect, store, maintain, and use data can reduce the number of business disruptions, financial mistakes, and supply chain problems.

Relationship Building

Establishing strong relationships has been a top priority since the start of the pandemic. With much of the workforce working remotely, remaining in daily contact with employees has been vital. In addition to making sure team members understood their tasks, projects, responsibilities, and goals, everyone needed support to maintain their mental health. Social isolation caused significant increases in anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. As a result, providing daily motivation and advocacy for staff members became vital.

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