8 Interview Questions Texas Companies Are Asking Job Seekers Post-Pandemic

8 Interview Questions Texas Companies Are Asking Job Seekers Post-Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic affected everyone. Because we still are processing what we experienced and will continue to deal with, COVID-19 will remain a topic of conversation during job interviews. Hiring managers want to understand your reaction to the pandemic and how you spent your time while sheltering in place. Preparing to answer such questions can better equip you during a job search.

8 Questions You May Be Asked During a Post-Pandemic Job Interview

1. How Are You Adjusting to Life Post-Quarantine?

This question is designed to create small talk. Be sure to keep your response general, vague, and overall positive. You might acknowledge the struggles of the past year and express hope for the future.

2. How Did the Pandemic Affect Your Career Goals?

The interviewer wants to uncover what you are looking for in your next position and whether the company is the right fit. They want to see that you truly are interested in the role. Create an answer that relates to the position and indicates your desire for career advancement. For instance, you want to work on a product that aligns better with your environmental values.

3. How Did You Adapt to Working Remotely?

How you navigate unexpected change like working from home, is a strong topic of interest. Include in your answer a story about how you converted your closet into a home office, mastered new forms of communication with your team, or another relevant anecdote using the STAR method. Identify the situation, explain the task at hand, describe the action you took, and the result you received.

4. What Have You Learned During the Pandemic?

Employers want staff who learn and grow through adversity. You might share how you realized you wanted to spend more time with your family, learn a new skill, or develop a new hobby. Remember to focus on what you learned and what the outcomes were.

5. How Did You Cope with Stress During COVID-19?

Use the STAR method mentioned earlier to explain how you made everything work during an extended time of uncertainty. For instance, mention that at the start of the pandemic, you suddenly were working from home and navigating remote learning. The experience made you realize how important time management is. This forced you to decide which tasks you should cut, keep, and delegate. You made a list of what needed to get done each week, then broke down the days and times you would perform the tasks. Having a schedule showing when everything would get done helped ease your stress level.

6. How Do You Feel About Returning to Work in Person?

This question uncovers your thoughts on returning to the office after working from home for so long. If this is what you are looking for, mention that you would be happy to return when it is safe and want to know what the return-to-office plans are. Or, if you would like a hybrid work setup, find out about the company’s policies about working remotely a few days a week.

7. How Do You Feel About Working Remotely Indefinitely?

The interviewer wants to hear your thoughts about missing out on team happy hours, office parties, and other events that make work fun. Be sure to ask what their long-term plans are, especially if you have strong feelings about remote work.

8. How Have You Worked on Professional Development During the Pandemic?

The manager is looking for ways you grew professionally while sheltering in place outside of your previous job. Be sure to discuss what you learned, how you applied it, and what your results were. For instance, you may have made new connections through a LinkedIn Group or reached out to your network to answer questions and provide career advice.

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