Putting Texas To Work: We Can Help You Establish A Growing Career

Putting Texas To Work: We Can Help You Establish A Growing Career | Staffing Texas

Staffing Texas is the premier staffing agency in the state. Our slogan, “putting Texas to work,” also is our way of life. Employers contact us when they need to hire employees. We gather the necessary information, find top candidates who meet all of the requirements and set up a time for the employer and candidates to meet. When the employer decides to extend a job offer, we negotiate on behalf of the candidate. We strive for a smooth process every step of the way so that everyone wins.

Discover how Staffing Texas can help you get started on a long, successful career path.

You Can Get Your Foot in the Door

Staffing Texas can connect you with top companies in Texas that are hiring talented workers. This lets you use your skills to earn a good living. Because we specialize in light industrial, administrative and professional positions, we can quickly find a top match for your skills and experience. Since we prescreen and interview our candidates, we get to know your education, abilities, interests, and goals, then set you up with potential employers in your industry. We also coach you and provide feedback throughout the recruitment process to increase your odds of success. Because we negotiate job offers on your behalf, you gain competitive compensation along with benefits.

You Can Enhance Your Skills

Staffing Texas provides opportunities for you to improve your skills. Our free training and courses let you become more marketable to local employers. You can write a better resume, prepare for interviews, and more.

You Have Benefits

Staffing Texas believes that great jobs should include great benefits. We provide our temporary employees with medical, dental, and vision insurance to help take care of their health. We also offer term life and short-term disability insurance to handle other needs.

You Gain Additional Opportunities

Staffing Texas can connect you with job opportunities you may not have access to on your own. Because many employers in our network do not advertise their openings, you probably would not hear about them if you were searching on your own. This is good news for you. Because fewer candidates know about these vacancies, you face less competition during interviews. As a bonus, you may be able to gain skills and experience in a temporary position as you search for a full-time role. Or, if you are hired as a temporary-to-permanent worker, you have time to try out the position and company. If it turns out to be a good fit, you may be permanently added to the team.

Get Started Today

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