Looking for a Change? 3 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency When Switching Jobs

Looking for a change 3 reasons to use a staffing agency when switching jobs

When the time comes to change jobs, you don’t have to go through the process alone. It can take a significant amount of time searching for the right openings, customizing cover letters and resumes, and waiting to be contacted for interviews. The process can be even more stressful when you are trying to be discreet. Fortunately, working with a staffing agency can speed up the process while maintaining confidentiality. You may be able to land a job in a much shorter time than you could going solo.

Discover three benefits of using a staffing agency when changing jobs.

A Staffing Agency Offers Fast Placements

Since a staffing agency’s goal is to place qualified talent in the appropriate role, you can land a job in a short amount of time. Because the recruiter invests the time getting to know you from your resume, interviews, skill tests, background checks, and follow-ups, they can introduce you to employers and positions that fit your skills, needs, and interests. By providing the employers with a wealth of information about your strengths and qualifications, you go into interviews with a competitive advantage. If you are offered a full-time job, the recruiter can negotiate the best possible salary and benefits package for you. They also follow up to ensure everything is a good fit.

The Contacts You Make Can Lead to Job Opportunities

Working with a staffing agency can help you make contacts in a company or industry. If you secure a temporary job, be sure to establish relationships with coworkers, managers, HR professionals, and other leaders. Even if you leave the company after finishing your contract, your new connections may know about job openings in similar companies. Or, they could introduce you to someone else who can help with your job search.

A Temporary Job Can Become Permanent

If you land a temp-to-hire job, you may be able to gain full-time employment when your contract ends. To increase the odds of this happening, treat your work performance as an ongoing job interview. For instance, come in early and stay late when asked. Also, put in your best effort each day. Additionally, if you finish your work for the day, ask your manager or colleague if you can take any tasks off their plate. These actions show your commitment to teamwork, productivity, and adding value, which employers find attractive.

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