Who Is the Real Interviewer? How to Impress Candidates

Who Is the Real Interviewer? How to Impress Candidates | Staffing Texas

When interviewing candidates, keep in mind that they may be interviewing you as well. Because candidates want to work for a company that fits their career goals and personal interests, you need to show how you fill these needs better than the competition. This can be done by providing a top candidate experience throughout the interview process.

Six Guidelines to Impress a Candidate During an Interview

Prepare for the Interview

Read over the candidate’s cover letter and resume before meeting them. Take notes on things that stand out and you would like to know more about. Also, visit the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to learn more about their experience, awards, and personal interests. Take notes on something you have in common to bring up while sharing small talk.

Help the Candidate Feel Comfortable

Provide an electronic interview agenda and information about your company before meeting with a candidate. This may include a brand video, benefits package, and social media highlights. On the day of the interview, introduce yourself to the candidate, make small talk, and give a tour of the office. Show the candidate where they may work. Introduce them to the CFO, other leadership, and potential teammates.

Share Company Information  

Show the candidate articles about your company earning honors such as Best Places to Work. Talk about your organization’s vision for growth. Include issues such as diversity, inclusion, education, retention, management training, and career paths. Discuss your team’s highs and lows. For instance, if employee retention is 99%, say so. Or, if the position has had significant turnover, share the reasons why and what was done to correct the problem.

Discuss the Candidate’s Goals

Find out what the candidate’s career goals are, then share how your company can help achieve them. For instance, they may be interested in taking on certain responsibilities or building on a set function. Point out specific ways your organization offers the opportunities that align with the candidate’s vision and how they would benefit from working for you.

Ask Purposeful Questions  

Choose interview questions that clarify whether the candidate has the skills, personality, and qualifications needed to perform the work. Include questions that relate to something on their resume that you would like to hear more about as it pertains to the role. By asking relevant questions, the candidate should better understand the job responsibilities and decide whether the position is right for them.

Show the Candidate Is Valued

Keep the candidate informed about where they are in the hiring process, what the next steps are, and when they should hear from you by. Encourage the candidate to follow up if the deadline passes without a response. If they are not chosen to advance, ask whether you should keep in touch in case another opening comes up that might interest them.

Partner with a Recruiter

A recruiter from Staffing Texas can provide you with additional insight into what candidates look for when interviewing for a certain position. Learn more about how we can help you today.

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