3 Tips for Finding Higher-Quality Candidates to Fill Your Jobs in Conroe, Texas

3 Tips for Finding Higher-Quality Candidates to Fill Your Jobs in Conroe, Texas | Staffing Texas

Hiring higher-quality talent for your company can be frustrating. Although a candidate may look great on paper, they might not fit with your culture. Or, you may receive a high number of applicants without the skill set you need. If you aren’t finding the caliber of candidates you seek, then it’s time to revise your hiring strategy.

Use these three tips to locate higher-quality candidates for your company in Conroe, TX.

Emphasize Your Culture

Point out what makes your company culture attractive to higher-quality candidates. High performers want to see the vision your business was built on and the values you have in common with them. So, emphasize the importance of innovation and growth throughout your organization. Also, show how your employees make a difference in your company’s success. Mention reasons they take pride in their work and perform their best. Additionally, share employee reviews on LinkedIn and Glassdoor that show engagement, passion, and enthusiasm for the work. Plus, emphasize opportunities for learning and promotions.

Prioritize Employee Referrals

Ask your higher-quality employees to provide you with referrals. After all, top achievers tend to spend time with other high-caliber people. As a result, their referrals should fit with the company culture and be successful in your organization. Be sure to use data from performance reviews and employee engagement surveys to determine which of your team members are high performers. Then, let these employees know the type of candidate you’re looking for. Be sure to include their competencies, values, and traits. Also, provide a monetary reward after a referral is hired and remains working for a set period.

Offer Competitive Benefits

Provide competitive benefits to attract higher-quality candidates. Top performers want to see how you can contribute to their quality of life. In addition to health insurance, paid time off, and a retirement plan, they prefer a compensation package that is customized to meet their needs at different stages of life. For instance, the majority of employees desire mental health and well-being benefits as the coronavirus pandemic continues. This may include virtual mental health counseling for issues such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Team members also may be interested in respite care while taking care of aging parents, a spouse with a chronic illness such as cancer, or grandchildren. Older employees tend to be interested in long-term disability insurance. Younger workers often are interested in student loan repayment and daycare reimbursement.

Partner with a Local Staffing Firm

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