Finding Employees Shouldn’t Be the Hard Part of Your Day: Here’s Why

Finding Employees Shouldn't Be the Hard Part of Your Day

Like other employers, hiring probably is one of your biggest challenges. The process is expensive and time-consuming. The longer it takes to fill a position, the less efficient your operations. Plus, the more your staff have to add to their workload, the lower employee morale becomes. As a result, you need access to an ongoing pool of qualified candidates ready to work when you need them. You can fulfill this need by partnering with a local staffing agency that specializes in your industry.

Here are three ways Staffing Texas provides qualified talent and additional value for your company.

Quality Hires Are Available When Needed

We have highly qualified administrative, light industrial, skilled trade, and professional workers available when you need them. When you contact us, a recruiter talks with you in-depth about your company and staffing needs. This includes the desired abilities and qualifications, which type of worker best fits your culture, and other pertinent information. Next, the recruiter decides which candidates to reach out to. If you need a temporary worker right away, they call a qualified worker who can get started right away. Or, if you need a temp-to-hire or direct hire employee, the recruiter sets up a time for you to meet with a few top candidates. Then, if you decide to extend a job offer, the recruiter negotiates on behalf of the candidate. The recruiter also helps with onboarding and regularly follows up on the employee’s performance over a set period.

You Free Up Time

Since we handle every step of the recruiting process, you have more time to focus on other responsibilities. When you let us know your hiring needs, we create and advertise the job postings, screen the resumes, and interview the candidates. Next, we send a few of the best candidates to meet with you. Then, if you decide to extend a job offer, we negotiate the terms with you, conduct the background checks, and contact the references. We also assist with onboarding and regularly follow up to ensure you are completely satisfied with the employee’s performance.

Your Company Saves Money

When you blend your permanent staff with our temporary workers, your company saves on labor costs. Because we employ temporary workers, we are responsible for salary or wages, benefits, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and related expenses. Since labor probably is your company’s greatest expense, you benefit from a significant amount of savings.

Partner with Staffing Texas

When you need workers for administrative, light industrial, skilled trade, or professional roles, make Staffing Texas your go-to partner. Our experienced recruiters take a hands-on approach to understand your challenges and provide the resources you need to attain the desired results. Learn more about how Staffing Texas can help your company today!

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