Tactics to Improve Your Time Management Skills in Your Administrative Role

Continuously improving your time management skills is essential for success in your administrative role. Regular implementation of tactics to better manage your time helps you handle multiple tasks at once, manage teams, and meet deadlines.

Effective time management helps increase efficiency, productivity, and decision-making for better work-life integration. Proper time management also helps reduce stress and prevent burnout.

Because time is a valuable resource, you want to use it as efficiently as possible. These methods can help.

Choose among these tactics to improve your time management skills in your administrative role:

Prioritize Your Tasks

Write down the tasks you must accomplish for the week:

  • Include the deadlines and the time needed to complete each task.
  • Schedule each task according to priority.
  • Include time throughout each day for breaks and lunch.
  • Check off each task after completion.
  • Move any unfinished tasks to the next day.
  • Celebrate your daily accomplishments.


Ask your team to take on specific tasks. Ensure the tasks align with the team member’s skills and strengths.

Provide clear directions and expectations to complete the tasks. Also, be available to answer questions and provide support as needed.

Use Time Management Tools

Experiment with time management tools and technology to determine which ones work best for you. You might use a combination of software programs and apps to automate repetitive tasks, set reminders, and track your time to streamline workflows.

Examples of time management tools include:

  • Calendar for scheduling
  • Trello for time and project management
  • Momentum Dash for focus
  • Evernote for note-taking
  • Time Doctor for time tracking

Take Breaks

Take regular breaks throughout the day. Include at least a half hour for lunch.

Engage in relaxing activities during your breaks:

  • Go for a walk
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Talk with colleagues and coworkers who are on break

Taking breaks helps you rest and recharge. You can come back rested and ready to reengage.

Maintain Boundaries

Carefully consider which tasks, projects, and events you can reasonably take on and still fulfill your duties and responsibilities. Turn down any requests you are unable to fill due to time constraints.

Saying “no” to activities that are not essential to your administrative role lets you dedicate more time to essential activities. Then, you have adequate time to complete quality work by the deadline.

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