Taking Care of Your Mental Health at Work

Taking Care of Your Mental Health at Work | Staffing Texas

Taking care of your mental health must be among your top priorities. This is especially true when you are at work.

Prioritizing your mental health helps you perform your best. It also supports your work-life structure to fill your professional and personal needs.

Focusing on your mental health at work helps reduce stress. This increases your engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. It also reduces your odds of experiencing anxiety, depression, or burnout.

Implement these tips to take care of your mental health at work.

Build Relationships

Get to know your colleagues, coworkers, and manager personally. Ask about their families, hobbies, and interests. Find common ground to build on.

Expressing your thoughts, feelings, and shared interests builds trust, understanding, and support. This helps you maintain positive mental health at work.

Practice Mindfulness

Pay close attention to what is happening around you. For instance, notice the sensation of walking around the office. Also, actively listen to people you talk with before responding to them. Additionally, savor each bite of food as you slowly consume it. Living in the moment supports your mental health.

Take Regular Breaks

Walk away from your desk every hour or two. Spend 10-15 minutes stretching, walking, meditating, listening to music, or engaging in another relaxing activity. These actions help clear your head for better mental health at work.

Eat Healthy Foods

Bring a nutritious lunch and snacks to work. Eating well throughout the day helps provide energy and boost your mood. This promotes positive interactions with others as you accomplish your tasks.

Request Constructive Feedback

Ask your manager to talk with you about your performance regularly. Include what you are doing well, what you can do better, and specific ways to improve. This feedback supports a positive mindset toward improving your performance and reaching your goals.

Have a Mental Health Day

Use your paid time off to spend a day away from work. Engage in yoga, meditation, reading, writing, cooking, or other activities that promote relaxation. Disconnecting from your job helps relieve work stress.

Would Finding a New Role Support Your Mental Health?

If finding a new role would help maintain your mental health, work with Staffing Texas to secure one that fits your goals and interests. Use this link to our job board.