Soft Skills Today’s Texas Employers Are Seeking

Soft Skills Today's Employers Are Seeking | Staffing Texas

Including in your resume the soft skills today’s employers are seeking gives you a competitive edge. Sharing examples of how you demonstrated these skills shows how you can add value to an organization. This value encourages hiring managers to contact you for an interview.

Although hard skills can be developed through training, soft skills cannot. Therefore, soft skills are more valuable to today’s employers than hard skills.

As a result, you should include soft skills in your resume and discuss them during interviews to increase the odds of securing a job offer. The following are examples of these skills.

Advance your job search by understanding the soft skills today’s employers are seeking:

Time Management

Your time management skills are especially important for remote or hybrid roles. You must show that you can remain productive, create quality work, and meet deadlines with little supervision.

Highlight in your resume your methods for time management. Examples include prioritizing tasks, scheduling your day or week, and minimizing distractions.

Discuss during interviews examples of how you manage your time. For instance, you might create daily or weekly goals, block off time to complete each task or set a timer to work for a set time, take a break, then repeat the process.


Due to the rise of remote and hybrid work, your communication skills are more important than ever. How effectively you communicate through phone calls, video calls, email, and online chat impacts your success in a role.

Include in your resume examples of how you use open communication to convey ideas and information. For instance, you might ask follow-up questions and restate what you heard to ensure understanding.

Share during interviews your methods for clear communication. Examples include maintaining eye contact, rereading messages to follow directions, and giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Problem Solving

Your ability to creatively and logically solve problems provides additional value for employers. The results may include increased efficiency and savings for a stronger bottom line.

Highlight in your resume your problem-solving skills. Include examples of the innovative ways you resolved issues and how they benefited the company.

During interviews, talk about your enthusiasm for overcoming challenges. Because every company has problems, your ability to solve them makes you a top candidate.


Your leadership skills are highly attractive. Employers look for candidates who can grow beyond the role and advance within the organization.

Emphasize in your resume how you displayed leadership in previous positions. Examples include leading projects and mentoring employees.

Detail during interviews your experiences as a leader. For instance, you might have completed a leadership training course or represented your team at industry events.

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