How to Incorporate Your Personality in an Interview

How to Incorporate Your Personality in an Interview | Staffing Texas

Showing your personality to an interviewer is important. They need to know you blend with the company’s culture. This increases your likelihood of success in the role.

Being easy to get along with is a trait the interviewer is looking for. This makes it easier to manage the person who joins the team.

Demonstrating your personality helps you connect with the interviewer. This increases your odds of being offered the position.

Follow These Guidelines to Incorporate Your Personality in an Interview to Help Land a Job

Arrive Prepared

Preparing for your interview helps you feel calm. Ensure you research the company and practice answering interview questions. This helps increase your confidence and show your personality.


Use relaxation techniques to calm any pre-interview nerves. Deep breathing or meditation may be helpful. Feeling at ease helps demonstrate your personality during the discussion.


Greet the interviewer with eye contact, a smile, and a handshake. Let them know you are happy to meet them and excited to learn more about the opportunity.

Demonstrating confidence helps provide a positive impression. It also shows your personality blends with the culture. This is important for the team making hiring decisions.

Monitor Your Body Language

Sit up straight with your hands in your lap during your interview. Maintain an open posture to show you are approachable.

Make regular eye contact. Gesture with your hands when appropriate. These actions help convey your personality during the discussion.

Be Positive

Maintain a positive attitude throughout the interview. This demonstrates how you focus on the bright side of things.

For instance, if asked why you are leaving your current position, you might share that you appreciate all that you learned but are looking for room to grow. This is more desirable than saying you dislike your boss.

Show Your Sense of Humor

Be as friendly and personable as you typically are. Show how your personality makes you pleasant to work with.

For instance, include work-appropriate jokes or comments during the interview. Or, laugh at yourself or a funny comment the interviewer makes.

Share Stories

Incorporate examples of your work experiences when answering interview questions. These stories provide a sense of how your personality helped you attain success in previous roles.

For instance, you might discuss a time when you successfully led a project. This demonstrates planning, organization, and leadership. These characteristics are important to the interviewer.

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