Hiring the Next Generation: Tips for Texas Companies Looking to Hire Gen Z’s Top Talent

Hiring the Next Generation: Tips for Texas Companies Looking to Hire Gen Z's Top Talent


Born between 1997 and 2012, members of Generation Z are finishing college and entering the workforce. Catering to their interests is one way to attract Gen Z to your company. Providing what they need opens you up to employing some of the best new talent.

Implement these tips to bring aboard members of Gen Z to your Texas company.  

Encourage Employee Referrals

The majority of Gen Z prefers to learn about employers from referrals. They want insider information about your culture, hiring process, job, team, salary range, benefits, perks, and other details. Be sure to let staff members know the specifics of open positions. The referrals they provide likely will have similar values and beliefs, helping them blend with your culture. They also should stay long-term because they know someone who works for you.

Participate in Campus Career Fairs

Because members of Gen Z value in-person communication, they like to participate in hiring events. This is one reason why you need to be active in campus career fairs. You can interact with candidates, share information about job openings, and discuss career paths within your organization. Be sure to gather their contact information to follow up later.

Emphasize Diversity and Inclusion

Gen Z wants to work for companies that celebrate employees of all backgrounds. Since almost half of Gen Z are people of color and/or identify as non-heterosexual, they want to feel like valued and respected members of the team. Be sure to point out how your application process is open to and fair for everyone. Also, tailor your recruitment messaging to the top values of diverse candidates to reflect their lived experiences.

Vary Your Communication Methods

Gen Z prefers to communicate with employers through email, text messages, and video calls. For instance, email appears to be favored for sharing recruitment materials, scheduling interviews, and coordinating offer letters. Texting and video calls seem to be best for connecting on a more personal level. These are reasons to include a variety of communication methods in your recruitment process.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

Most of Gen Z view recruiters as trusted advisors for making career decisions. By partnering with a local staffing firm that specializes in your industry, you gain access to these candidates. Sharing in-depth information about what your organization has to offer and how it can help with career development can make a difference in bringing aboard new talent.

Find Top Talent

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