3 Tips to Find High-Quality Candidates as Work Search Now Is Required for Unemployment in Texas

3 Tips to Find High-Quality Candidates as Work Search Now Is Required for Unemployment in Texas


Texas employees who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus and want to continue to receive unemployment benefits now have to actively search for work. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) cited the decline in COVID-19 cases in the state, widespread availability of vaccines, and greater access to services like child care as reasons for employees to get back to work. According to Governor Greg Abbott, Texas is 100% open, the economy is recovering, and there are more than one million jobs available. Yet, the state’s unemployment rate remains more than double what it was before the pandemic. These are some reasons why unemployed Texans need to find jobs.

Three Tips to Find Quality Applicants for your Texas Business.

1. Request Employee Referrals

Talk with your top performers about who they know would be a great fit for a position. Because people tend to spend time with those who have similar characteristics, you are likely to receive engaged, productive referrals who meet or exceed your expectations. Encourage your staff to talk directly with members of their network and share your job postings on social media. Be sure to provide a bonus for each employee who provides a referral that turns into a new hire.

2. Contact Previous Applicants

Get in touch with candidates who previously applied to openings. This is especially important for applicants who were active in the interview process or turned down a job offer. Since you already have a relationship with them, they may be willing to talk about coming to work for you. If these candidates decided to work elsewhere, they probably picked up valuable skills along the way. Or, the applicants may have been laid off and are looking for jobs.

3. Partner with a Local Staffing Agency

A Texas staffing firm that specializes in your industry has an extensive network of candidates looking for work. The recruiter will combine their market knowledge, your hiring needs, and other relevant information to match you with several of their top candidates. Since the applicants are vetted, you conduct the interviews, decide which candidate to hire and negotiate a job offer through the recruiter.

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