3 Changes to Make to Your Job Postings to Get More Applicants in Texas

3 Changes to Make to You Job Postings to Get More Applicants In Texas | Staffing Texas

If you are not receiving the number of quality candidates you would like, odds are your job postings are the reason. Perhaps they focus too heavily on the job requirements. Maybe your postings lack a clear path for advancement. Or, they are unconsciously biased toward one type of candidate over another. In any case, making a few adjustments can increase the number of candidates interested in filling your openings.

Altering your job postings in these three ways may result in more applicants.

Use Inclusive Language

Be sure that your job postings contain inclusive wording. This should increase the number of applications from females, minorities, disabled workers, and veterans. For instance, avoid the use of words like “ninja” and “rock star.” These male-coded words tend to prevent females from seeing themselves in the role and applying. Also, mention your commitment to diversity and inclusion. This should attract more minority applicants. Additionally, point out whether a position allows for remote work. Since there is no need for transportation, disabled workers will be more likely to apply. Plus, mention your company mission and how the role helps carry it out. Because veterans are mission-driven, they will be more inclined to apply.

Focus on Outcomes

Place more emphasis on what you would like a new hire to achieve in the role than on the prerequisites for employment. Unless the position requires certification, having a certain amount of experience or a specific skill set may not be necessary. After all, hard skills can be taught and experience gained while on the job. Instead, outline your expectations for future output. To start the process, have the hiring manager write down expected outcomes for the first 30 days, 60 days, 6 months, 1 year, and beyond. This gives candidates an idea of what their future with your company may look like. Then, use the outcomes to create candidate-focused job descriptions. Help candidates see themselves in the position and how it can help with career growth. For instance, “You need to be highly knowledgeable about product A and delight X customers each day with a net promoter score of X within 3 months. Your goal is to become a subject matter expert on two of our leading products within 6 months and apply to be a team lead within one year.”

Mention Growth Opportunities

Point out how your company offers opportunities for professional growth. This may include on-the-job skills training, mentorship, and advancement within the organization. Because you want committed employees, you need to show that your business offers long-term appeal. For instance, share how company culture emphasizes career advancement. Also, mention how future business objectives provide more opportunities for employee growth. Additionally, illustrate how someone hired for the role could carve a career path within the business.

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