Is Relevant Experience Necessary in Every Role?

Is Relevant Experience Necessary in Every Role? | Staffing Texas

In many cases, the best candidate for a role may not be the candidate with the most experience. In fact, they may lack some of the hard skills needed to perform the work.

What may matter more than experience is a candidate’s potential for success in a position and organization. A candidate with the right potential could be easily trained to fill the job requirements and responsibilities.

A candidate with potential is curious and willing to develop their skill set. They creatively solve problems and blend with the company culture.

Focusing on the big picture when hiring often is more important than how much experience the candidate has. If you prioritize experience in every situation, you may be losing out on candidates who truly are best for the role.

Learn why hiring for potential may be more important than having experience when filling a position.

Capacity for Learning

A candidate with limited experience often has a high potential for success in a role. They tend to focus on developing their knowledge and skills to better perform their work. This lets the candidate add more value to their employer.

When hiring, you want a candidate who can develop along with the position. They should apply what they learned from previous roles to help your organization grow. As a result, potential is more important than experience.

Fit with Company Culture

Part of a candidate’s potential includes whether they blend with the company culture. This can be assessed during the interview process.

The more you get to know a candidate’s personality and goals, the more you can determine whether they would be successful with your team and organization. As a result, a less experienced candidate who aligns with your company’s mission, vision, and values may be more successful in a position than a more experienced candidate who does not align with these areas.

Wider Candidate Pool

Focusing more on potential than experience can significantly increase your candidate pool. This is especially important during The Great Resignation.

As more employees look for positions that fit their goals and interests, it becomes harder to attract qualified talent. Therefore, emphasizing potential more than experience gives you access to a wider variety of candidates.

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