Struggling to Find Work as a Recent Grad in Texas? This Might Be Why!

Struggling to Find Work as a Recent Grad in Texas? This Might Be Why! | Staffing Texas

If you are a recent grad having difficulty finding a job in Texas, know that you aren’t alone. A significant number of grads are experiencing the same issue.

Despite a substantial number of jobs opening up, the lasting effects of COVID-19 are impacting which candidates are filling them. As a result, finding a job is challenging.

Discover why many recent grads are having trouble finding jobs in Texas and where you can turn for help.

Mismatch with Skills and Experience

Although millions of jobs are open, many candidates lack the skills or experience required to fill them. Part of the problem is that many candidates have been unable to take positions and gain experience during the pandemic. As a result, companies that are reopening tend to want experienced professionals to fill their roles. This tends to leave out recent grads.

Hiring Needs Vary by Industry

Recent grads may have an easier time getting jobs in healthcare, technology, law firms, or finance than in other industries. Because these industries have low unemployment, it often is easier for employers to hire recent grads. Although they may not have the desired experience, recent grads have the skills required to begin producing in a short amount of time.

Desire for Remote Work

Many recent grads are looking for remote work options. They crave the flexibility and work-life balance that remote work promotes. As a result, recent grads may hold out for the jobs they want. Or, they might temporarily take on hospitality roles until they find the desired positions.

Opportunities in North Texas

The metroplex is outperforming other cities in job growth and wages. Dallas is among the cities with strong numbers. North Texas is in a better situation for finding jobs than other areas of the country.

Job Fairs  

There are job fairs all over Texas for recent grads to participate in. Multiple companies in a range of industries are hiring.

Local Staffing Agencies

A local staffing agency with industry specialization is one of the top resources to help recent grads find jobs. Recruiters from the agency can match these grads with employers and roles that fit their skills, interests, and career goals. The recruiters also can provide resume and interview coaching to increase the odds of the grads receiving job offers. Plus, the recruiters negotiate job offers on behalf of the grads to ensure they receive the best possible income and benefits package.

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