Not Sure if a Job Is Right for You? Try a Temp Position to Find Out!

Not Sure if a Job Is Right for You? Try a Temp Position to Find Out! | Staffing Texas

Making a career change or transitioning to a new field can be challenging. Your success depends on the profession you’re coming from and the field you want to work in.

You can increase your ability to change career paths by taking on a temp position. Gaining experience in your new industry can open doors for future opportunities.

Consider taking on a temp position to see if a new career path is right for you.

Secure Work

If an employer had to hire a professional from another field, they typically prefer a temp worker over a full-time employee. This is especially true when hiring for a mid-level position that requires years of experience.

Because a temp worker is with the company for a limited time, there is little risk if things don’t work out. In contrast, letting go of a full-time employee involves time and money lost on hiring, onboarding, and training.

With a temp position, you may be able to fill in for a short-term vacancy and land a full-time role. This requires showing the manager how your transferrable skills and experience add value to the organization. Even if there isn’t an opening at the time, the manager can keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Enhance Your Resume

Securing a temp position in your new field provides relevant work experience for your resume. You can work several temp positions in the field to gain the skills and experience required for a full-time job.

Over time, you should qualify for more than entry-level roles. This increases your odds of being contacted for an interview for the full-time job you want.

Gain Flexibility  

Trying a temp position in your new field helps you determine whether the career path may be right for you. Gaining firsthand experience provides an idea of what to expect from both the line of work and the industry.

If you decide the field isn’t a good fit for you, you can take the time to decide on a different field. Conversely, if you enjoy the work, you may be able to secure a full-time job with either the same company or another one in the industry.


Ensure you meet as many employees as possible while working a temp position in your new field. This should include your colleagues, manager, coworkers, HR professionals, and members of the leadership team.

Talk with these employees about their jobs, the company, and the field. Find out what drew them to the industry and the organization.

Share what your goals are for your new career path. Include how your interests and transferrable skills led you to the field. The employees you network with may let you know about a job opening, introduce you to a hiring manager, or set up an interview.

Ready to Start a Temp Position?

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