Working as a Temporary Employee? 3 Ways to Prove You Deserve to Be Permanent

Working as a temporary employee 3 ways to prove you deserve to be permanent

Working in a temporary role is a great way to gain full-time employment. You’re able to gain insight into the company, its culture, and job responsibilities before deciding whether you want a long-term commitment. When it comes time to hire, building this type of visibility gives you an edge over the competition. Even if you don’t end up working for the company after your contract ends, you can take your experience and use it to land another position.

If you want your temporary job to become permanent, use these tips to show you’re a valuable asset to the team.

1.     Network

Get to know employees at all levels of the organization. This is especially important for leaders who make hiring decisions. Be sure you let them know from the start that you’re looking for full-time employment at the end of your contract period. Also, find out what it takes to get permanently hired on. Plus, develop relationships with your coworkers. Find out all you can about them, their roles, and the company. Your coworkers can attest to your work performance, contributions, and achievements down the road. They even may know about other opportunities in case you don’t land a permanent job once your temporary one ends.

2.     Maintain Communication

Keep your lines of communication open throughout the organization. For instance, be sure to report your status and ask and answer questions when needed. Also, learn all about the company’s mission, vision, and values so you can dress, look, and act in a way that blends with the work environment. Additionally, verify what is expected of you, including individual and team goals and performance standards. Regularly follow up with your manager to ensure you’re reaching these expectations. If not, find out specific ways to improve your performance. Plus, offer your perspective on issues. Use your talents to deliver service in a way that gets noticed.

3.     Increase Your Value

Continue to provide additional value for the company. For instance, come in early and stay late when needed. Also, give your best performance each day. Additionally, when you reach a goal, elevate it a bit, then repeat the process. Plus, help colleagues with their workload when your schedule allows. Further, use your experience with other employers to talk with your manager about how company processes and systems can be more efficient and effective. Offer to help implement the changes.

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