Don’t Be Fooled by These Common Job Description Red Flags

Don't Be Fooled by These Common Job Description Red Flags

When you are finding a new job, make sure you read the entire job description before deciding whether to apply. You need to know more than just the job title, qualifications, and salary range to make a decision. The more information you have upfront, the more likely you will be a good fit for the jobs you apply for. Landing interviews for the jobs you are most qualified for saves time. It also increases your odds of receiving a job offer.

Avoid being the April fool! Look for these red flags that often trick candidates into applying for jobs.     

Vague Language

A job description should give a specific idea about the job duties and responsibilities, required skills and experience, and other relevant information. This helps you decide whether the job is right for you.

If the employer cannot clearly describe what the job entails, they may not serve as an effective manager. A vague job description suggests the manager is unfocused. This may mean the job lacks structured goals. If you do not know what you are working toward, you cannot be successful.

Unnecessary Requirements

A job description should include only the most basic requirements. This increases the number of applicants with diverse backgrounds.

The inclusion of too many qualifications indicates the employer may not know what it takes to fulfill the duties and responsibilities. If they cannot clarify what it takes to be successful, you will not know how your performance is measured or whether you are successful.

One-Sided Postings

A job description should include what the company needs and what it has to offer employees. You need to know how the job and organization can benefit you if you decide to work there.

Talking about only what the company wants shows poor culture. There likely is little investment in employee development. Look for an environment where they appreciate your work. Additionally, look for places that offer room for growth and development.

Sharing an Unreasonable Earning Potential

A job description should include a reasonable salary range based on job title, skills, experience, and location. These items can help you know what to expect and if compensation is fair.

Earning potential with a wide range can be a red flag. For example, a role with the range of $45,000 – $200,000, is usually commission-based. This means you likely would earn on the lower end of the range. Very few, if any, employees tend to earn on the high end of the range.

Poor Work-Life Balance

A job description should clearly indicate the type of environment the employees work in. You need this information to determine whether you would adapt well and be successful.

If a job description lists “flexibility” as a helpful trait, it may indicate a chaotic work environment. This is especially true if you see “agility” or “the ability to quickly change direction” emphasized. Working for a short-staffed company typically means long hours and not enough time for self-care.

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