Know Your Worth! 5 Ways to Negotiate a Raise in 2022

Know Your Worth! 5 Ways to Negotiate a Raise in 2022 - Staffing Texas

Asking for a pay increase can be challenging. Even when you deserve one, you may feel anxious about going through the process. However, you may miss out on higher pay and advancement opportunities if you do not bring up the topic. Learn how to ask your current boss for a raise today!

Follow these five steps to ask for a raise in 2022.

1. Research Your Role’s Salary Range

Go online to see what positions like yours are paying. Include your job title, years of experience, skill set, job description, and geographic location. Use the information from websites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn Salary to decide how much salary you would like to earn. Then, choose a number that is not too high or low for negotiation. You want a salary increase that both you and your manager are comfortable with.

2. Write Down Your Accomplishments

Make a list of what you have achieved in your position. Include any additional responsibilities you took on in the past year and the positive results from your annual performance reviews. Use this as a basis to build your case for earning a raise.

3. Determine Your Concessions  

Figure out what you want to ask for if you are unable to secure a raise. This may include additional vacation days, stock options, or other benefits or perks. Any of these can increase your total compensation.

4. Practice Your Discussion

Prepare what you want to say when you meet with your manager. Write down all of the details so you remember to mention them. This will help you share your reasons to be given a raise during the negotiation process. Consider practicing in front of a mirror or with friends to enhance your performance. Focus on your tone and inflection to support your ask.

5. Talk with Your Manager

Set up a time to meet with your manager. Be prepared to provide concrete reasons why you should receive a pay increase. Get ready to negotiate your new salary. Remember to thank your manager when the discussion is finished. Also, evaluate whether you received what you wanted and are happy to continue to work for the company. If not, consider looking for a job with higher pay elsewhere.

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