How to Deal with Increased Workload Due to Staffing Shortages

How to Deal with Increased Workload Due to Staffing Shortages

As the Great Resignation continues, your team may be understaffed. This could mean you are taking on additional responsibilities to your workload while the vacancies remain. Although you likely are willing to help out, fitting the extra work into your schedule can be challenging. In order to make it work, you need a plan to stay organized. The following tips can help.

Choose among these strategies to stay on top of your temporarily elevated workload.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Use the Eisenhower Matrix to maximize the effectiveness of your work. Begin by listing the tasks you want to accomplish for the day. Then, categorize each task as urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, or not urgent or important. Your urgent and important tasks need to be done immediately. Then your important but not urgent tasks will be done later. Next, your urgent but not important tasks can be given to someone else. Your tasks that are neither urgent nor important can be eliminated. Next, use your matrix to schedule your tasks in order of priority. Finally, complete each task in order, then cross it off when completed. You should feel a greater sense of control over your time. You also can feel proud of what you accomplish during the day.

Use Time Blocking

Increase your efficiency by scheduling blocks of time to finish your tasks. You may want to make a list of tasks to complete for the day or week, then write down the times during which you will accomplish them. This may include working for 50 minutes, then taking a 10-minute break. Include 60 minutes for lunch in the middle of your day. Then, repeat the process throughout your workday.

Take Regular Breaks

Schedule time throughout the day to step away from your desk and rest. You may want to take a walk, listen to music, or read a book. Or, you might meditate, do some simple stretches, or talk with a coworker who is on break. You should come back feeling energized, focused, and ready to produce.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Sometimes, a heavy workload can cut into your personal time. Prioritize beginning and finishing your work at the same time each day. This narrows down the amount of time you have to complete your work tasks and reminds you to take time for yourself. The more efficiently and effectively you can fulfill your professional responsibilities, the more relaxed you should feel during your downtime. This helps reduce your stress level and avoid burnout.

Find a New Employer

If your workload is too much, you can partner with Staffing Texas to find a new employer. Visit our job board today.