Burning Out as the Weather Burns Up? An Administrative Professional’s Guide to Staying Motivated

Burning Out as the Weather Burns Up? An Administrative Professional’s Guide to Staying Motivated

As an administrative professional, your work consists of maintaining a sense of calm during change. This includes handling last-minute changes, communicating them, and preparing managers so their work remains uninterrupted. It also involves finishing both scheduled and unexpected tasks while finding ways to increase efficiencies, meet deadlines, and reach goals. As a result, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and emotionally drained. If this continues on a regular basis, it can lead to burnout. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to lessen the odds of having this happen.

4 Tips to Keep You Motivated In Your Administrative Role This Summer

Focus on Self-Care

Be sure you focus on self-care throughout each day. For instance, maintain healthy eating, exercise, and sleeping habits. Also, schedule additional help both at work and at home. Additionally, take regular breaks to clear your head. Plus, ask your family and friends for additional support when you feel especially stressed.

Establish Your Priorities

Based on your work responsibilities and expectations, determine what your top priorities are. You may use your boss’s responsibilities, deliverables, and input as guidelines. Focus on the top three things you want to accomplish for the day. They should have a purpose or help you move toward a goal. Then, schedule enough time to handle these tasks. Be sure to leave room for flexibility to handle any issues that arise.

Align Your Tasks and Energy Levels

Schedule your work in line with how much energy you typically have at a given time. After all, you’re likely to remain engaged and productive longer when you feel energized. For instance, if you usually feel more energetic in the morning, focus on your most challenging tasks then. Then, when you feel less energetic, focus on less critical tasks.

Set Boundaries

Enforce boundaries for taking on additional work during especially busy times. Of course, there’s only so much you really can get done in a day. So, stay aware of when you’re reaching your breaking point and how to avoid passing it. For instance, if someone asks you to handle a task you don’t have time for, let them know you have a lot on your plate and cannot accommodate more. Or, if your boss asks you to take care of something new, mention what your highest priority is at the moment, then ask whether you should keep doing what you’re doing or focus on the new request.

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