How to Adapt to the Current Talent Market! 6 Strategies Texas Companies Should Consider

How to Adapt to the Current Talent Market! 6 Strategies Texas Companies Should Consider | Staffing Texas


The talent market has seen a drastic shift since the pandemic. Candidates now hold the power and can choose which jobs best fit their needs. Your organization needs to adapt in order to encourage the best job seekers to want to work for you.

Discover six ways your Texas company can evolve to attract the most talented applicants.

1. Optimize Your Career Site

Your website may be the first place where candidates interact with your company. This is why your site needs to be mobile-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to use. For instance, your website should include employee photos, videos, interviews, and testimonials to represent your culture. Also, job seekers must be able to quickly and easily create a profile, search for jobs, and apply.

2. Offer Remote Work

With a substantial number of employees working remotely during the pandemic, the majority want to continue to do so. By opening up your geographic boundaries for recruitment, you gain access to a wider candidate pool. This helps you increase diversity within your organization. Other benefits include greater innovation, engagement, and productivity.

3. Enhance Your Hiring Process

Because the best talent typically is off the market within 10 days, you need to move quickly during your interview process. For instance, maintain open communication throughout the process. This includes where each candidate is at, when they should hear from you by, and what the next steps are. Also, point out how your company’s training and opportunities for promotions can help each candidate with their career growth.

4. Emphasize Your Company’s Differentiator

Candidates want to know why they should work for your organization instead of another. As a result, you need to point out what makes your company different from all the rest. This may include the fact that because staff members are working remotely, the money saved on real estate and related expenses is put back into the business and employees. Or, you may be offering enhanced benefits, more paid time off, or a greater number of quarterly bonuses.

5. Include Skills Testing in Recruitment

Skills testing uses artificial intelligence-based technology to improve the accuracy of identifying candidate skills and matching them to job requirements. Soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking can be evaluated through behavioral and situational questions asked on a questionnaire or during an interview. This can attract more candidates to perform work that they otherwise may not have considered.

6. Request Candidate Feedback

Gather feedback from applicants about their experience with your company. You may want to use a survey tool such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, or Medallia to ask for input at different parts of your recruitment process. You can aggregate the information gathered to uncover issues that need attention, then use your findings to improve your candidate experience.

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