5 Reasons Your Texas Company Can’t Find Quality Candidates to Hire

5 Reasons Your Texas Company Can't Find Quality Candidates to Hire


If you are a manager struggling to hire top talent, know that you are not alone. Many Texas companies are having a hard time attracting high-level candidates to their jobs. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to change your approach and improve your results.

Five Reasons You May Be Struggling to Find Employees and How You Can Get Better Results

1.     Your Compensation Is Too Low

Candidates expect higher salaries or wages and more attractive benefits than previously. This includes competitive pay, health insurance, a retirement plan with match, and additional paid vacation and sick days. Be sure to advertise your compensation range in your job postings to increase your number of applicants.

2.     Your Recruitment Process Needs to Be Updated

If you have not enhanced your recruitment practices in the past year, then now is the time. For instance, most companies and candidates prefer virtual hiring over in-person. This includes virtual open houses for hiring managers and candidates to get to know each other and videoconferencing for panel interviews.

3.     Your Candidate Experience Needs Improvement

Applicants need to have a positive experience during your hiring process in order to want to work for you. For instance, ask for only necessary information on your application form. You can gain further details during the interview process. Also, choose an application platform that lets candidates save their progress. They do not want to lose it due to technical issues. Further, maintain regular communication with applicants. Let them know where they are in the recruitment process, what the next steps are, and how they can prepare.

4.     Your Employer Brand Needs Work

Job seekers want to know that your employees are treated well and have a positive work environment. This is why marketing your employer brand is an important part of attracting top talent. For instance, use your careers page and social media platforms to share employee photos, videos, and stories. Include a statement about your company culture, commitment to employee well-being, and potential growth opportunities. Also, ask staff to post their experiences working for you on employer review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Candidates want social proof that employees are excited to work for your organization.

5.     Your Candidate Outreach Needs Work

You need multiple ways to connect with quality applicants for your job openings. You already may use job boards, social media posts, email, or LinkedIn to fill your vacancies. However, you also should include a local staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The agency can send you vetted candidates looking for work. You interview the applicants, decide which one to hire, then negotiate a job offer through the recruiter. The new hire can begin onboarding and producing in a short amount of time.

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