Turnover Is Rising: How Texas Companies Can Retain Top Talent

Turnover Is Rising: How Texas Companies Can Retain Top Talent


The pandemic freed up time for employees to take a good look at their careers and values. This encouraged many to want more purposeful work, meaningful vision, and supportive leadership. Others decided to go after schedule flexibility, training opportunities, or a better remote work experience. These are reasons why turnover in your company may be increasing. If so, you need to start taking action today.

Choose among these methods to increase retention within your organization.

Talk with Your Employees

Have formal and informal conversations with your employees to gather feedback on your employer brand. Find out what they enjoy most about working for you and specific things they would like improved. Remind everyone that you want honest feedback and their jobs are secure. Additionally, you can ask your staff to anonymously fill out a survey regarding their experience working for the company. Encourage everyone to be candid and specific about their likes and dislikes. Remind them that you want to make as many improvements as possible. Talk with leadership about implementing appropriate courses of action based on what you learn.

Provide Competitive Compensation

Make sure each employee’s income and benefits are in line with the market. To determine appropriate salary or wage ranges, use information based on your industry, company size, and geographic area, as well as the employee’s skill level, years of experience, the value they provide, and other relevant factors. For benefits, be sure to offer health insurance, a retirement plan with match, paid time off, and other options your employees desire.

Offer Learning and Development  

Emphasize the career development resources and opportunities your company provides. These may include options to job shadow, cross-train in other departments, or be mentored by a seasoned professional within your organization. Employees welcome such opportunities to enhance their skill set, prepare for promotions, and increase their career options within the organization.

Recognize Employee Contributions

Publicly acknowledge the times when your staff go above and beyond to add value to your organization. Whether they perform beyond expectations or exceed quotas, thank your employees for their efforts. Also, point out how their hard work and results benefit the company. When possible, provide bonuses or raises.

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