Building Your Resume to Get Past the Bots

Building Your Resume to Get Past the Bots | Staffing Texas

Many companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline their screening process. This software screens each resume to determine whether a candidate fits the qualifications needed for a role.

The ATS typically looks for relevant keywords to determine whether a resume should be passed on to the hiring team. The software also searches the knowledge, skills, experience, and achievements sections to determine whether the candidate has what it takes to be successful in the position.

As a result, you should build your resume to get past the bots. These suggestions can help.

Follow these guidelines to build your resume to get past the bots and to the hiring team.

Tailor Your Resume

Customize your resume according to the job posting. Modifying your information to match the keywords and requirements included in the job description shows you fit the qualifications. As a result, your resume should get past the ATS and to the hiring team.

Use Keywords

Include relevant keywords to describe your qualifications. You can use the keywords listed in the job description or the company website and those commonly used in your industry for guidance.

Using relevant keywords throughout your resume demonstrates you have the required skills and experience to excel in the role. These keywords can help your resume get to the hiring team.

Organize Your Information

Build your resume in a logical manner so your information is easily understood. This structure may include a chronological format, beginning with your current job and working backward, or a functional format showcasing your transferrable skills. Clearly and concisely displaying your information helps your resume get past the bots.

Share Your Accomplishments

Detail your relevant achievements in your resume. Include quantifiable results and how they benefitted an employer. For instance, “Helped an average of 5 customers per hour solve their technology issues.”

Write Out Acronyms

Clarify what an acronym stands for the first time you use it in your resume. For instance, SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you use the word again later, you can substitute the acronym.

Get Additional Help with Your Resume

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