Looking to Land a Position in Accounting? Tips to Help Bolster Your Resume!

Looking to Land a Position in Accounting? Tips to Help Bolster Your Resume! | Staffing Texas

Landing a position in accounting requires an effective resume. Demonstrating how your knowledge, skills, and experience equip you for the role helps your resume get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager. This encourages the manager to contact you for an interview.

Because the accounting industry is experiencing a skills shortage, there are a variety of opportunities available that fit your goals and interests. Effectively highlighting your qualifications increases your odds of landing an interview for the role you desire.

Implement these tips to help bolster your resume to land a position in accounting!

Clarify Your Skills

Be specific about the hard and soft skills you developed in past roles. Emphasize the skills you have that are mentioned in the job description for the accounting position you desire.

Whereas your technical skills are required to do the work, your interpersonal skills are needed to interact with others. This includes talking with clients and making presentations for senior-level employees.

Include near the top of your resume your relevant skills and examples of when you used them. This increases the likelihood of the hiring manager seeing them and contacting you for an interview.

Demonstrate Your Microsoft Excel Proficiency

Include in your resume your deep knowledge and extensive use of the VLOOKUP function and Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel. Having these technical abilities lets you more efficiently complete your tasks.

Update Your Experience

Use the job description to determine the most important requirements for your desired role. Show how your work experience helps you fulfill them. Include three to five bullet points per job to explain your regular tasks and how you completed them.

List Your Accomplishments

Share your achievements that are relevant to the accounting position. Use action verbs such as “oversaw,” “drove,” and “accelerated” to demonstrate your results.

Include percentages, dollar amounts, and dates to contextualize your accomplishments. Focus on these areas:

  • How much time or money have you saved a company
  • The percentage by which you lowered spending or reduced errors
  • How many hours or days of work you freed up by finishing your work ahead of schedule
  • The size of the teams you supervised
  • The number of departments that participated in your initiatives
  • How many people joined your training

List Your Accounting Certifications

Earning accounting designations shows your commitment to professional development and career growth. This shows you have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to earn the certifications. It also demonstrates you are hardworking, driven, and dedicated to the field.

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