Struggling to Bring in New Hires? It Might Be Your Job Descriptions

Struggling to Bring in New Hires? It Might Be Your Job Descriptions | Staffing Texas

An effective job description accurately highlights the duties and responsibilities of a role. This helps candidates decide whether the position fits their skills, experience, and interests and whether to apply.

Your job descriptions provide a foundation for hiring, developing, and retaining employees. Clarifying the performance expectations and measurements of success encourage candidates who would excel in the position to apply. This increases your odds of bringing in the best new hires for your team.

Implement These Tips to Write Effective Job Descriptions That Bring Qualified New Hires to Your Team! 

Choose a Relevant Job Title

Select 1-4 words for the job title that show the role’s content, purpose, and scope. Ensure the title is consistent with similar positions within your industry. This helps job seekers understand the nature of the work and whether they qualify.

Clarify the Purpose

Use three or four sentences to give an overview of the position, level, and range of responsibility. Summarize why the job is important and how it benefits the team and the organization.

Include the Job Duties and Responsibilities

Describe the essential functions of the position that occupy the majority of the employee’s time:

  • Detail why, how, where, and how often the duties and tasks are performed.
  • Emphasize the expected outcomes of the tasks.
  • Share the amount of decision-making and how much influence the employee has.
  • Explain the areas of direct or indirect accountability.
  • Mention the level and type of financial responsibilities.
  • Talk about the level of interaction with colleagues, coworkers, and managers.
  • Include any supervisory responsibilities.

Share the Qualifications

Discuss the knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities required to perform the work. Focus on the minimal qualifications to be successful. This encourages a broader range of job seekers to apply.

Mention the Working Conditions

Share the work environment and physical demands related to the job duties and responsibilities. Include the type, intensity, frequency, and duration of the necessary physical or mental capabilities. Examples include:

  • Exposure to hazardous materials, loud noise, or extreme heat or cold
  • Climbing, standing, stooping, or typing
  • Lifting 10-50 pounds or more
  • Working nights or weekends or being on call
  • Travel

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