Need a Change? Why a Career in Skilled Trades Might Be for You!

Need a Change? Why a Career in Skilled Trades Might Be for You! | Staffing Texas

Is this the year you finally make the career change you have considered? If so, have you considered starting a career in the skilled trades?

Working in a skilled trade provides access to high-quality education and paid on-the-job training. This helps prepare you for a rewarding career in a high-demand field.

The shortage of plumbers, pipefitters, welders, electricians, carpenters, construction workers, and other skilled professionals means there are plenty of job openings in these fields. You gain access to various opportunities to start and grow your skilled trade career.

See Why a Career in Skilled Trades Might be Right for You! 

Affordable Education

You can finish your education and training for a skilled trade career in 2-5 years. You also can secure an apprenticeship for paid on-the-job training.

Participating in an apprenticeship allows you to earn income as you become certified in your field. You can graduate with little to no debt and a full-time job.

High Demand

The increasing number of open manufacturing jobs provides ongoing opportunities to build a career in a skilled trade. The growing number of retiring baby boomers and other workers leaving skilled trades provides more options for new workers.

Learning from seasoned workers before they retire helps establish your career. This provides a foundation for long-term job security.

Competitive Income and Benefits

Building a skilled trade career comes with competitive pay and benefits. This includes an attractive wage or salary, health insurance, a retirement plan, and generous paid time off. The more you develop your knowledge, skills, and experience, the greater your compensation.

The Latest Technology

Working in a skilled trade provides access to current technology. For instance, you could work with sensors, timers, and self-regulating machinery that create predictive maintenance reports for devices connected to wireless technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). These reports provide guidance for servicing and repairing the equipment and machinery.

Pride in Your Work

Developing a career in a skilled trade creates pride in your work. This promotes engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. These characteristics lead to long-term career fulfillment.

Ready to Start Your Skilled Trade Career?

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