Top 5 Things to Do to Nail Your First Interview

Top 5 Things to Do to Nail Your First Interview | Staffing Texas

Participating in a job interview takes a significant amount of preparation. You must show you have the skills and experience required to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities.

The amount of effort you put in beforehand will show when you talk with the interviewer. This impacts whether you advance in the hiring process.

Implement these five tips to perform your best during an interview.

1. Research the Company

Learn all you can about the job, hiring manager, and organization. Include in your research the company website, social media platforms, and recent news that shows up in online searches.

  • Determine what the company’s culture is like.
  • Look for recent initiatives, accomplishments, awards, and events.
  • Determine which information is relevant to the job you want.
  • Reference your most important findings during the interview.
  • Show you are interested in the job and organization.

2. Practice Answering Interview Questions

Review the job description and common interview questions. Next, determine the most important skills and experience needed to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities. Then, think of examples demonstrating you have the qualifications needed for the work. Use the STAR method to share your stories:

  • Situation: Briefly describe the challenge you faced and relevant details.
  • Task: Discuss what you needed to do.
  • Action: Describe how you overcame the challenge.
  • Result: Share the outcome you attained and how it impacted the company.

3. Monitor Your Body Language

Confidently greet the interviewer with a smile, eye contact, and a firm handshake. Accept their offer of water as you sit down.

  • Lean slightly forward as you talk to stay engaged in the discussion.
  • Rest your hands in your lap or at your side to maintain an open posture.
  • Project an enthusiastic attitude toward the job and company throughout the conversation.

4. Ask Questions

Have three questions ready to ask either throughout the interview or at the end. This shows interest in the job and company.

  • Your questions may involve the position, such as the types of team projects coming up.
  • You might want to know more about potential career paths with the organization.
  • Use your questions to determine whether the job and company are a good fit for you.

5. Send a Thank-You Note

Email the interviewer within 24 hours to thank them for their time.

  • Include three main points you discussed.
  • Point out three qualifications that equip you for the job.
  • Share what excites you about working for the company.
  • Express your interest in hearing from the interviewer soon.

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