How to Make a Great First Impression with a Recruiter

How to Make a Great First Impression with a Recruiter | Staffing Texas

Your first meeting with a recruiter is important. It provides an idea of who you are as a potential employee.

A recruiter has a vast network of employers looking to fill open positions. This means the recruiter can help you secure a job with different companies.

As a result, you must make a positive impression on the recruiter. They need to determine you are reliable and dedicated before they set up an interview with an employer.

Implement these tips to make a positive impression on a recruiter.

Dress Professionally

Wear attire in line with the job you want. This shows you are reliable and interested in the role. It also demonstrates you take your work seriously.

Arrive Early

Showing up a few minutes early shows you are reliable. You can be depended on to arrive early to work as well.

You may want to practice getting to the recruiter’s office the day before your meeting. This ensures you know how to get there.

Consider how traffic might be when you leave for your actual meeting. You may need to allow additional time in case it takes longer than anticipated to arrive.

Call the recruiter immediately to reschedule if something comes up and you cannot make the meeting. This shows you respect the recruiter’s time.

Bring the Requested Items

Have with you anything the recruiter asked you to bring. This may include your resume, a notepad, and pens to take notes.

Make sure everything is neat and organized when you arrive. This shows the recruiter you pay attention to detail and presentation.

Express Interest in the Role

Show you truly want the position. This includes expressing enthusiasm throughout your interview.

Talk about how your skills and experience qualify you for the role. Include examples of your duties, responsibilities, and achievements with previous employers that can benefit your next employer.

Ask lots of questions about the role and company. This helps determine whether they are a good fit for your goals and interests.

Find out what the next steps are. Send the recruiter a thank-you email after your interview.

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