Level Up Your Career in 2022: 5 Tips to Help Texas Professionals Advance

Level Up Your Career in 2022: 5 Tips to Help Texas Professionals Advance | Staffing Texas


With another year about to begin, now is a great time to reflect on what you achieved in the past 12 months. All of your awards and accomplishments can be used as a foundation for what you want to attain in the coming year. Along with pursuing professional development opportunities, you may want to consider finding a new job. Moving to the next step in your career can offer you more opportunities than you have now.

Implement these five suggestions to move forward in your career in 2022.

1.Talk with Your Network

Your connections may be able to help you advance professionally. They might know of job openings not advertised, or a hiring manager looking for someone with your qualifications. Your connections also could serve as references during a job search. Be sure you stay in touch with your former colleagues, coworkers, managers, and other professionals in your field. Also, participate in industry events such as lectures, trade shows, and meetups to add new members to your network. If you offer to do favors for the people you meet, they are likely to help you out as well.

2. Find a Mentor

Mentoring may play a critical role in your career development. You can learn new skills, find a new position, and move forward professionally. For instance, find out whether your company offers formal or informal mentoring opportunities. Then, if they do not, talk with college professors, local professional groups, or professionals in your field about finding a mentor.

3. Request Additional Responsibility

Let your manager know that you are ready for more challenging tasks. For instance, talk with them about your desire to gain the skills and responsibilities needed for a promotion. Also, point out that you desire bigger projects and stretch assignments to demonstrate your leadership skills and problem-solving abilities.

4. Become a Thought Leader

Demonstrate that you are a thought leader in your industry. Gaining as much specialized knowledge and skills as possible shows you are a master of information. Understanding the jargon, processes, and trends lets you better communicate about the issues your industry and company are facing. Be sure you regularly read industry publications, participate in professional groups, and attend lectures that provide you opportunities to learn and share more information.

5. Find a New Job

Reach more of your career goals by securing a new role. Be sure you update your resume with your hard, soft, and transferrable skills. These may include communication, analytical thinking, project management, and leadership. Add your most current education, experience, and qualifications as well. This shows your versatility and ability to take on new challenges. Prepare for interviews with a family member or friend. Make sure you know all you can about a company before meeting with a hiring manager. Partner with a staffing agency to increase your odds of landing the job you want.

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