How to Advance Your Career: Certifications Administrative Assistants Should Consider

How to Advance Your Career: Certifications Administrative Assistants Should Consider


Are you ready to take your administrative career to the next level, but unsure where to start? You may want to consider earning a certification to improve your skills and help you stand out from everyone else. Certifications not only allow you to stand out to potential employers but also can help you to make more money in the long run. Learn more about the requirements and which certification may be best for you.

Five Certifications that May Help Boost your Administrative Career

Certified Administrative Professional

A certificate or associate’s degree from a technical or vocational school or community college and work experience are needed to become a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP). This designation demonstrates key skills such as communication, keyboarding, database management, word processing, spreadsheet and desktop publishing, and the ability to use office technology. Certification is available twice a year during a 3-week window. The in-person exam covers 6 domains and 47 performance outcomes. After initial certification, recertification requires a specific number of training hours annually and a fee every 3 years.

Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence

Demonstrate your core skills in communication, project management, people management, and digital technology with Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE). You have one year to complete the study plan, study guide, training videos, and four training modules covering 31 knowledge areas before taking the exam. Recertification requires a fee and a set number of training hours every two years.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Another great certification to consider is the Microsoft Office Specialist certification. This is a great way to boost your knowledge of commonly used administrative software. Earning the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification to show your knowledge and experience needed to fill technical roles and requirements. The in-person exam is performance-based and conducted in a simulated environment. You then can use this as a basis to pass additional exams and earn MOS Expert or MOS Master certification.

Certified Associate in Project Management

Enhance your credibility and effectiveness while working on or with project teams by becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). You need at least a high school diploma and a set number of hours in project management education through a designated online course to earn this designation. The online exam must be retaken every 5 years to maintain certification.

Accredited Legal Secretary  

If you work as a legal secretary or law office manager, you may want to become an Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS). Completion of an approved paralegal training course or one year of legal experience is required to take the exam. Then you can use this as a basis to earn advanced certification as a Professional Legal Secretary (PLS).

Elevate Your Career

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