Tips on How to Approach Management About a Promotion

Tips on How to Approach Management About a Promotion | Staffing Texas

When you have been at your job long enough, you likely want to advance to the next level. Your outstanding performance means you should be elevated to a higher position within the organization.

Although you likely deserve to move up in the company, you may not know how to approach your manager about the issue. The following tips can help you create a plan of action.

Follow these guidelines to ask your manager for a promotion.

Visualize Your New Role

Think about what you want your new position to look like. Include what you want out of it and how it can benefit the company. Make sure your career goals align with what you are asking for. Knowing what you want helps you talk about it with your manager.

Talk with Your Manager

Begin an informal dialogue with your manager about what the next stage of your career with the company may look like. Find out what it would take to get to a higher position. Ask for feedback on your performance and how you can improve. Clarify that you will do what it takes to earn the promotion.

Research the New Position

Determine the skills and experience needed for the senior role. Talk with the coworker leaving the position about the job, their working experience, and other advice that may benefit you. Then, make a list of what makes you well-qualified to take over the role. Show why you are the best candidate for the position.

Document Your Track Record

Make a list of your accomplishments at your current company. Include the ways you positively impacted the organization and the additional responsibilities you have taken on. This helps you organize your talking points and advocate for yourself when you discuss your career growth with your manager.

Meet with Your Manager

Choose an appropriate time to schedule a meeting with your manager. This may be after you received a positive performance review or had a successful quarter. You are more likely to receive a promotion during these times than right after budget cuts or a round of layoffs.

Remain Confident

Maintain confidence in yourself. Focus on advocating for your skills and abilities. Stay open and honest during the conversation. Continue to show the value you add to the organization. Aim to receive what you are asking for and deserve.

Is It Time for a New Job?

If you do not receive the promotion you request, partner with Staffing Texas to find a more senior role. Here is a link to our job board.