Spring Is Here! 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Hiring Process

Spring Is Here! 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Hiring Process | Staffing Texas

When Spring comes around, many people begin cleaning their homes of the things that no longer serve them. They make space for the things they want that will provide more benefits for them. The same should be done with your hiring process. Examining what is and is not working and how it can improve should provide you with more of the results you desire.

The following are five ways you can apply spring cleaning to your hiring process.

1. Analyze Your Hiring Metrics

Look at your metrics for candidates per hire, quality of hire, revenue per employee, employee turnover, and revenue per team. Use the data to determine which areas of your recruitment process are experiencing issues. Find ways to resolve them. Also, consider which parts of the process can be eliminated or streamlined. Increasing your efficiency can save a significant amount of time and money.

2. Focus on Your Hiring Goals

Look at your previous recruitment goals to determine whether they were realistic. Analyze whether your recruitment goals aligned with your business goals and your new hires fit with company culture. To accomplish this objective, you may want HR to send your employees anonymous surveys to gauge the effectiveness of your hiring team’s efforts. You also might want your managers to meet individually with their employees to gain greater insight into the candidate experience. Be sure your managers ask for specific ways your hiring process can improve.

3. Craft Your Job Postings

Clarify the current duties and responsibilities of the roles you are hiring for. Also, determine the top 3 to 5 skills required to perform the work. Use this information to write job descriptions for your postings. These details let candidates know what would be required of them and what it takes to succeed in the position. Include in each job posting information about your company culture and opportunities for growth. Candidates want to know what it is like to work for your organization and whether it offers room for career advancement.

4. Conduct Virtual Interviews

Most candidates like video interviews because they can meet with the hiring team from home. This takes much less time than driving to the office and meeting in person. The candidates also tend to be more relaxed at home than at the office. This helps you get a better sense of who they are as individuals and whether they would fit with the role and your organization.

5. Update Your Applicant Tracking System

Make sure the information in your applicant tracking system (ATS) is as current as possible. The more accurate your applicant information is, the more easily you can contact active and passive candidates when you find opportunities that may interest them. The more efficiently you can provide qualified candidates for your clients, the stronger your professional reputation. This can lead to repeat business, more referrals, and an enhanced bottom line.

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