Short-Staffed? 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Current Employees Are Supported

Like many employers during The Great Resignation, you may be experiencing a talent shortage. If you are short-staffed, your employees may feel burdened by the increasing workload. As you search for qualified candidates to add to your team, you should be providing support for your current employees. This can help prevent burnout and the loss of more team members.

Four Ways to Support Your Employees While Your Team is Short-Staffed

1. Base Task Assignments on Employee Strengths

Have your employees work on the tasks they are best at. Delegate other tasks to employees with the appropriate skills. Letting your employees take on work they enjoy increases engagement and productivity. It also decreases the likelihood of your employees experiencing burnout.

2. Streamline Your Processes

Talk with your employees about how you can improve efficiency for them. For instance, ask your employees to track their daily activities for a week to see how they spend their time. Consider which tasks could be done by another employee or eliminated. Find out whether anyone needs to enhance their time management skills for more effective results. Also, discuss which processes should be automated. The less time your employees need to engage in smaller tasks, the more time they have for human-centered activities.

3. Express Employee Appreciation

Let your employees know how much you appreciate their patience, loyalty, contributions, and results. Point out how their specific efforts help reach company goals and have a clear impact. In addition to financial incentives, reward them with stretch assignments, delegated tasks, and problem-solving opportunities. These actions promote skill development, collaboration, and career growth.

4. Create a Flexible Workforce

Supplement your permanent employees with temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire employees. Having a fluid workforce lets you proactively plan for your staffing needs. You can scale up or down as your staffing demands rise and fall. This saves time and money on hiring full-time employees. When you have enough permanent staff to handle the workload, the temporary employees can move to other assignments. Because they work for the staffing firm, you avoid having to pay unemployment expenses.

Find The Employees You Need

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