Employee and Caregiver Burnout Are on the Rise! 4 Ways to Offer Support

Employee and Caregiver Burnout Are on the Rise! 4 Ways to Offer Support | Staffing Texas


One group of workers who were substantially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic includes employees who are caregivers. Whether they take care of their children, a parent, another family member, or a friend, these workers are experiencing burnout at a higher rate than they were before. As an employer, you should be doing what you can to help your team members better manage their professional and personal responsibilities.

Here are four ways you can offer support for your employee caregivers.  

1.     Talk About Your Team Members’ Needs

Find out what would benefit your employee caregivers the most. Keep in mind that you may receive different answers based on their location, role, income, gender, race, and household makeup. Be sure to provide leadership with your staff members’ input to determine which resources and benefits your company should offer. Follow up as needed.

2.     Promote Boundaries for Work Hours

If your employees are working remotely or hybrid, remind them that they are not expected to be performing around the clock. Your team members should have a set time to start work and end work by. This means not sending emails, returning phone calls, or completing tasks during the early morning or late-night hours. Also, set realistic goals and expectations for your team members. This may involve flex hours, built-in break times, and limited video calls.

3.     Advocate for Daily Self-Care

Continuously emphasize the importance of your team members, especially the caregivers, to dedicate time for themselves each day. Mental and physical wellness is imperative for your employees to fulfill both their professional and caregiver responsibilities. For instance, foster a work environment that promotes discussion of mental health and feelings of burnout. Also, promote engagement in physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day. Additionally, remind your team how important healthy eating habits are for physical and mental health. Further, stress the importance of getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Plus, encourage your staff, especially the caregivers, to take paid time off when needed.

4.     Organize an Employee Caregiver Group

Ask leadership to offer an organization-wide support group for employees who are caregivers. It may be helpful for them to discuss the practical responsibilities, pressures, and emotional toll of caregiving with others who have firsthand experience. The group also may be able to offer each other suggestions for how to cope with the stress and feelings of overwhelm that are part of caregiving. This can help your employee caregivers feel seen and understood as they continue to navigate their work and life.

Hire Temporary or Full-Time Employees

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