Too Spooked to Find a New Job? 4 Job Search Fears and How to Face Them

Too Spooked to Find a New Job? 4 Job Search Fears and How to Face Them


Are you having job search nightmares this Halloween? If so, you are not alone! There are many common fears about job searches that can be overcome. You even may be able to find the job of your dreams.

Four Common Job Search Fears and Find the Role You Want

Fear #1: The Lengthy Time Commitment

Finding a job can take a significant amount of time. You have to scan job postings, choose the ones that fit your qualifications and interests, submit your tailored cover letter and resume, engage in interviews, and wait to hear back. Fortunately, you can optimize your search by blocking off specific times to focus on the process, such as Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. Also, make sure you set goals, such as apply for four roles, write a cover letter for a specific position at a certain company, or update your resume. After that, you can do what you choose.

Fear #2: Lack of Qualifications for Desired Roles

Odds are you will come across positions you are interested in but not fully qualified for. Perhaps you do not have the exact skills listed or the number of years of experience. Keep in mind that many of these qualifications are not truly necessary to fill the role. Some may be learned through on-the-job training. In most cases, you should apply anyway. Be sure to emphasize in your cover letter your transferrable skills and willingness to learn. Odds are you will be contacted for an interview.

Fear #3: Blending in with Everyone Else

Thinking you have the same skills and experience as the other applicants can be discouraging. You might believe your cover letter and resume will not be unique enough to engage a hiring manager. Remind yourself that after you apply, you still can take action to show you stand out from the competition. For instance, begin your cover letter with a fun fact, memorable anecdote, or clever line that relates to the position. Also, connect with the manager and other leadership on LinkedIn to begin building relationships. Plus, stay active in industry-related online groups to show you are a thought leader in your field.

Fear #4: Disliking Your New Position

You may be concerned that the job you land is not what you were looking for. It could turn out to be too challenging. Or, maybe you have a hard time getting to know your coworkers. Keep in mind that starting something new always is hard. You have to allow time to adapt. For instance, ask for additional training and support. Or, talk with coworkers while on breaks. Make mental notes about your commonalities to build on. Even better, get a temporary or temp-to-hire job through a local staffing firm. If it turns out you are not well-suited for the work, you can move onto something new.

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