Holiday Hiring Tips: When to Start and 6 Tips for Success

Holiday Hiring Tips: When to Start and 6 Tips for Success


Like most employers, you probably have a greater need for staff during the holiday season than at other times. Whether due to an increase in demand or employees taking a vacation, temporary employees can fill the gaps. Be sure to contact Staffing Texas to fill your hiring needs.

Implement these Six tips to Land the Best Temporary Talent for the Holidays 

1. Start Your Search Early

Begin looking for temporary workers several months before the holiday rush begins. Early September typically is the time when these workers start their job search. You will have a larger candidate pool with the most engaged, productive, reliable workers to draw from.

2. Detail Your Scheduling Needs

Include in your job postings the days and hours you need temporary workers to be available. Since many workers have multiple jobs, they need to know whether they fit your scheduling needs. You save time by interviewing candidates who are available when you need them.

3. Use Multiple Advertising Methods

Vary the places you advertise your need for temporary workers. For instance, include a “We’re Hiring” banner on your homepage and a list of job openings on your career page. Also, post your ads on hiring websites such as Indeed, FlexJobs, and ZipRecruiter. Additionally, share your job postings on your social media platforms, local sites such as Nextdoor, and college listservs. Plus, reach out directly to previous temporary workers who may want to come back and help. Further, provide Staffing Texas with your hiring requirements to receive exactly what you are looking for.

4. Request Employee Referrals

Your top staff members likely know people looking for temporary work. These referrals should have a clear understanding of the role through talking with your employees. Because people tend to spend time with others who have similar personalities, the referrals should fit with company culture. Plus, they likely will want to work for you because they know one of your staff members.

5. Ask Relevant Questions

Make sure your interview questions align with your needs for the temporary role. For instance, uncover whether a candidate has the traits needed to be successful with seasonal work. This includes how they like to learn new tasks and the methods they use to resolve challenging customer situations. Also, mention the types of tasks the applicant would be handling. They need to feel equipped and comfortable completing their work to be successful.

6. Schedule Onboarding

Provide adequate time to help your temporary workers acclimate to their role, your team, and the company. They need information and guidance on your company policies and procedures, expectations, goals, job responsibilities, teammates, who to direct questions to, and more. Be sure to plan team activities to help temporary workers get to know everyone and feel valued and appreciated.

Fill Your Seasonal Worker Demands

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