Team-Building Exercises That Can Help Your Manufacturing Team

Team-building exercises can help your manufacturing team more effectively collaborate. The results include increased employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The benefits include higher employee engagement, job satisfaction, and attraction and retention rates. These factors help strengthen your bottom line.

Engagement in team-building exercises supports communication and problem-solving. These activities build respect, trust, and rapport among your manufacturing team.

The implementation of team-building exercises helps your manufacturing employees feel connected, recognized, and valued. As a result, you should be organizing games, events, or other activities that motivate your team members to connect.

Choose among these team-building exercises to help your manufacturing team.

Team-Building Exercises to Start a Meeting

Choose a quick game or icebreaker to encourage employee motivation and idea-sharing during meetings:

  • Two Truths and a Lie: Have each team member share two facts and one lie about themselves. Have your team guess the lie.
  • Dinner Party: Ask each team member to share a famous person they would like to have dinner with and why.
  • Accomplishment Sharing: Have each team member share a recent accomplishment with the team.

Team-Building Exercises to Encourage Communication

Create an activity to support team communication:

  • Scavenger Hunt: Break your team into small groups. Provide each group with a list of objects to find. The first team to find all the objects wins.
  • Office Trivia: Divide your team into small groups. Ask questions about your company and employees to see who knows the most.
  • Circle of Appreciation: Have your team gather in a circle. Ask each team member to share one thing they appreciate about the teammate to their left.

Team-Building Exercises to Support Problem-Solving

Organize an activity that requires team problem-solving:

  • Escape Room: Take your team to a local escape room to encourage problem-solving in a fun, low-stakes environment.
  • Barter Puzzle: Divide your team into small groups. Provide each group with a jigsaw puzzle that has a few pieces removed and included in other teams’ puzzles. Ask the groups to barter and trade to get the pieces needed to finish their puzzles.
  • Business Simulations: Break up your team into small groups. Assign each group the same business problem, resources, and deadline. When the deadline passes, ask the groups to compare their solutions.

Team-Building Exercises to Engage in Creative Thinking

Design an activity that involves creative thinking:

  • Office Jeopardy: Develop Jeopardy!-style questions about your company and employees. Serve as the host with your team as contestants.
  • What’s My Name?: Hand each team member a note card with a famous person’s name. Have your team walk around and ask each other questions to figure out who they are.
  • Idea Day: Ask your team to share creative ideas to update processes and procedures, create new products or services, or develop other useful business ideas.

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