Revisiting Company Goals: Did They Hit the Mark?

Revisiting company goals helps determine whether they hit the mark. This process helps you and your employees celebrate the goals reached, determine whether the remaining goals are still relevant, and modify the plans to attain them.

You might want to consider increasing the frequency with which you and your employees review company goals. Performing additional reviews helps maintain the relevance of each goal and determines each employee’s progress. These activities elevate the odds of goal attainment and strengthen your bottom line.

Implement these tips to revisit company goals to determine whether they hit the mark.

Consider Why Certain Company Goals Are Incomplete

Work with each employee to uncover the reasons why certain goals have not been reached:

  • Were the goals ineffectively developed? For instance, they might have been too difficult to attain during work hours.
  • Did something unexpected impact the goal-achievement process? For instance, a process might have unexpectedly changed. Or, an employee might have spent less time at the office due to a family situation.
  • Did external forces affect the goal-completion process? For instance, outside vendors or a changing economy might have impacted your company.

Update Each Employee’s Goal-Achievement Plans

Talk with each employee about the factors they believe impacted their ability to reach their goals. For instance, an employee might not have received the requested resources and support.

Work with each employee to update the plans to reach their goals. Involving your employees in the process provides control and encourages renewed commitment.

Recognize and Reward Employee Goal Attainment

Provide employee recognition for each goal achieved. Include the steps taken and the impact on your organization.

Award each employee a handwritten thank-you note, bonus, pay increase, promotion, or another relevant reward for goal attainment. These actions encourage your employees to repeat similar behaviors and reach additional company goals.

Modify the Company Goal-Setting Process

Consider including quarterly reviews when setting company goals. Increasing the frequency of these reviews helps more effectively determine whether employees are on track and likely to reach their goals. Then, you and your employees can modify the plans for goal achievement and get back on track as needed.

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