What You Should Do on Day One as an Administrative Assistant

What You Should Do on Day One as an Administrative Assistant | Staffing Texas

Your first day as an administrative assistant can be both exciting and challenging. You have a lot to learn about your new role and company.

Setting realistic expectations and preparing for Day 1 help you make a positive first impression. Then, you can focus on adapting to your administrative assistant position.

Discover what you should do on day one as an administrative assistant.


Focus on reducing your stress level throughout the day. For instance, you might regulate your breathing or meditate during your breaks. Staying calm helps you remember more of what you learned.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Share positive energy throughout the day. Show that you enjoy interacting with others at work. Contributing to a positive work environment stimulates creativity, engagement, and productivity.

Get to Know Your Team

Start forming relationships with your colleagues and coworkers. You might use the following questions as icebreakers:

  • Do you have pets?
  • Which book are you reading?
  • What is one piece of career advice you have for a new hire?

Focus on Learning

Absorb as much information as possible. Focus on creating a foundation for the rest of the week. You can use what you learn to add to your knowledge base.

Emphasize these areas:

  • The organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Company policies
  • Your administrative assistant duties and responsibilities
  • Tools, logins, and passwords
  • Employee names and roles

Listen and Observe

Pay attention to how your trainer demonstrates your tasks. Also, visualize how you will carry them out when the time comes. Additionally, take notes to refer back to.

Ask Questions

Request clarification for the topics you want to know more about. Asking for more information shows you are engaged and eager to learn. Adding to your knowledge helps improve your performance.

Study Company Tools

Familiarize yourself with the company tools so you can operate the programs. Examples include:

  • Scheduling: Google Calendar, HourStack
  • Time tracking: Everhour, TimeDoctor, TaskBill.io
  • Communication: Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack
  • Project management: Asana
  • Customer relationship management: Salesforce, CRM, MuleSoft, Zoho
  • Cloud backup: DropBox, BetterCloud, Jira Cloud
  • Data analysis and documentation: Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Databox

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