Four Reasons Why a Manufacturing Position May Be Right for You!

Four Reasons Why a Manufacturing Position May Be Right for You! | Staffing Texas

Whether you are looking for your first or next job, a manufacturing position may be right for you. This is especially true if you work in the retail, restaurant, or hospitality industry and are looking for a career change. Your transferrable skills likely make you a top candidate for a role.

The manufacturing industry is among the largest, most impactful industries in the United States. Therefore, you have virtually endless opportunities to take on innovative, fast-paced jobs and create a rewarding, exciting career.

Manufacturing positions offer a consistent work schedule, stability, and competitive income and benefits. These characteristics make working in the industry attractive.

Discover four reasons why a manufacturing position may be right for you.

1. Career Growth

Working in manufacturing offers ongoing opportunities for career advancement. There are various options that should fit your skills, abilities, interests, and needs.

Building a career in manufacturing is possible at any stage of your professional life. This is true whether you just graduated from high school or college, want a career change, or are reentering the workforce.

Securing an entry-level position provides opportunities to advance within the organization. You should be able to move to more senior roles and reach your professional goals.

2. Use of New Technologies

The manufacturing industry uses current and emerging technologies to innovate and grow. Therefore, securing a position lets you get paid to learn and use the latest technologies.

Proficiency with the newest technologies promotes engagement, performance, and productivity. The use of current technology also increases job satisfaction and longevity within an organization.

Adding proficiency with emerging technologies to your skill set makes your knowledge, skills, and experience even more attractive to employers. Having in-demand skills increases your ability to secure bonuses, pay increases, and promotions.

3. Competitive Compensation

Entry-level manufacturing positions often offer significantly greater compensation than entry-level positions in other industries. Manufacturing positions also typically include attractive benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, and paid time off (PTO). As a result, your total compensation for an entry-level manufacturing position should be greater than for an entry-level position within another industry.

4. Pride in Your Work

Taking a manufacturing position lets you be proud of your work. The role involves being responsible for products that customers use every day.

Working in the manufacturing industry lets you see the impact of your work. Knowing that your contributions and results positively impact customers’ lives supports longevity within the field.

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