6 Qualities to Look for in Today’s Administrative Assistants

6 Qualities to Look for in Today's Administrative Assistants | Staffing Texas

Today’s administrative assistants are responsible for more than just scheduling, bookkeeping, and arranging travel. They also take on frontline, strategic functions such as onboarding new hires and planning events. Plus, administrative assistants are responsible for maintaining a positive company culture and handling all types of situations as they come up.

When you need to hire administrative assistants, knowing which qualities to look for is essential for success. These six suggestions can help.

Discover six qualities to look for in today’s administrative assistants.

1. Organization

Working on multiple projects at once requires careful planning. Every detail must be accounted for and carried out. This helps increase efficiency and reduce stress.

Administrative assistants may stay organized by setting reminders to finish the project they were working on. Or, they might use a calendar to keep track of their tasks and duties for the day. Whichever method works best is the one that should be used.

2. Technological Proficiency

Because offices are run by software, applications, systems, and platforms, proficiency in using technology is essential for administrative assistants. This includes communication apps, calendaring systems, travel reservation platforms, billing systems, employee engagement software, and HR systems.

3. Adaptability

Administrative assistants often need to stop what they are doing and focus on an unrelated activity. Then, they must resume what they were doing. The ability to quickly change course is essential for success.

4. Communication

Administrative assistants must be able to clearly, directly, and succinctly share information. The ability to speak on the phone, write emails, and talk in person with employees at all levels is essential. Writing company-wide communications and creating visual presentations on behalf of a boss also is important.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Understanding their own and others’ emotions is important for administrative assistants. They can see things from another person’s perspective and subtly influence their behavior for positive outcomes.

Paying attention to others’ emotions helps administrative assistants attain better results from negotiations, conflict resolutions, and other interactions. This helps anticipate and fill the needs of bosses and other key associates.

6. Problem-Solving

Administrative assistants must keep things going as scheduled. This involves knowing about every aspect of the work environment and being able to solve any problem. Effectively troubleshooting and improvising help add value to the organization.

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